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Our vision is who we are as the people of God and creates a unique culture in our church that is used to transform our community, nation, and the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Our focus is connecting people to the love of Jesus.  Connecting people to our ministries means reaching the lost and unchurched through worship services, special programs, small group studies, recreation activities, or any other opportunity we offer.


Our members exhibit evangelistic, loving, biblical, and Christ-centered values. These values are what fuels the fire of our hearts and allows us to seek and apply God's word in all circumstances of life.


Our strategy is to make and multiply disciples. We do this by building relationships with Christ and others.  We encourage you to intentionally serve others through opportunities both inside and outside the church. Worshiping God as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is to be our primary focus. Developing our members through small group studies hold us and them accountable.


To be successful,  we must live out our beliefs in our daily relationships with God, our family, our Church, and the world. This can be done by maintaining a daily family devotion, praying in faith, engaging in weekly worship, or participating in missions.


​A vision is not intended to be based upon a person, a place,

programs, or personality because these are temporary.

Our vision must be based on the eternal principles of God’s Word.

© Millington First Baptist Church

5010 West Union Road | Millington | TN | 38053

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